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Chemicals Regulatory Compliance Assessment System

At E-testing we have two teams of experts. One team is composed of experts in chemicals regulations, and another team consists of big data experts. Combined with the cooperation of two expert teams, we launched our E-testing services.

Our E-testing service is an Electronic Chemicals Consulting Service. It is totally free and it can help you automatically analyzed the structure and material of the product according to the requirements of more than 300 chemicals regulations from over 50 different countries. Finally, you will get a report on whether or not your product passes the chemical regulation in the market where you are going to market it. If your product encounters some problems on chemical regulation, our service will give you some suggestions to solve it.

Our goal is to significantly reduce your risk of penalties for violating chemical regulations.

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Chemical regulation

Our database contains more than 300 chemical regulations from more than 50 countries and it is the world's largest database of chemical regulations.

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Our Services

Chemicals Regulatory Compliance Assessment System offer 6 services.
Depending on your needs choose our service to solve your problems!

Material Analysis

Quick try Material Analysis without registration.

Product Analysis

Sign up and get a complete free product analysis service.

Expert Assistance

Chemicals regulation expert team provide professional consulting service

Monitoring Chemicals Regulation

Auto alert you, once chemicals regultion update

Chemical Inspection Report Analyze

You give us your report, we helpe you to solve your problem

Chemical Regulation Query

Quick and easy query based on your needs




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